Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions

General Questions

Where do clients live?

Until the end of December 2022, due to the pandemic, we are open to distribute food to any Pennsylvania resident in need, while continuing to serve people living in the West Chester Area School District.

What are the income rules for eligibility?
‘If you shop at the West Chester Food Cupboard click here to see income eligibility. There are no eligibility requirements for shopping at the Food Cupboard Express. 

How often can I come in?
You may come to the West Chester Food Cupboard once a month, and as often as you want to the Food Cupboard Express pantry.

Do I need an appointment or must I call ahead?
No…once you have established your eligibility, you may just drop in any time during our regular client hours.

How do I get my food?

When you come to either the West Chester Food Cupboard or the Food Cupboard Express you will come inside to make your own selections.

What percentage of your budget goes to salaries and benefits?
Zero…we are 100% volunteer. Every cent of your donation goes to fight food insecurity.

What do your volunteers do?
Volunteers handle all of our shopping, stocking, cleaning, management and fundraising, with over l,000 hours of volunteer time logged every month.

How many households are served by WCFC?

We currently serve over 1,000 households each month.

How many pounds of food were distributed last year?
Over 1,200,000 pounds.