The West Chester Food Cupboard commits to provide a variety of fresh and nonperishable healthy food items to West Chester residents in need.

… because no one should go hungry!

Tuesday, December 24 – Open Only 9:30-11:30
El martes, 24 de diciembre – Abierto solo 9:30-11:30

Wednesday, December 25 – CLOSED
El miercoles, 25 de diciembre – CERRADO

Be a Philanthropist

November is the month when we think about what it means to be a philanthropist. When you think ‘philanthropy,’ do you envision famous, wealthy people such as Oprah or Bill Gates? And perhaps that thought is followed by, “If only I had the money to help.” The good news is that you can be a philanthropist even if you don’t have millions of dollars to give away. A philanthropist is anyone who seeks to promote the welfare of others and does so by donating to a cause such as the West Chester Food Cupboard.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. it is about making a difference.” — Kathy Calvin

Year-End Giving with a Charitable Distribution from Your IRA

The end of the year is approaching. Fulfill your Required Minimum Distribution for 2019 with a charitable tax-free distribution to the Food Cupboard. Learn more…