What People Are Saying




 “I have been a volunteer at WCFC since 2014. I feel very fortunate to be a part of an organization whose mission is so vitally important to so many food-insecure households in our community.

    Because clients can choose what they need and will use, instead of receiving a one-size-fits-all package, the Cupboard is a very efficient mechanism for providing food assistance that really makes an impact in the clients’ lives.”

    “About 6 years ago I decided I wanted to become involved volunteering somewhere on my day off. I saw a post in our local paper the West Chester Food Cupboard was looking for volunteers. I signed up and I am so glad I did!

    Many of us on Wednesdays have been together for years and I consider them my friends. I look forward to working with them and getting to know our clients.”

“Great friendly people! Everyone is always so helpful and they always try to converse and interact with everyone.”

    “I want you to know that you guys are the best! Thanks for your professionalism and attentiveness. The food I got yesterday would have cost well over $300 at the grocery store.”

    “I decided to take the time and thank you all for caring that my family has enough food throughout the year. And best of all, the gift of giving not just at Christmas but all year. And I thank God for all of you who have created a comfort for those of us who really need extra help to put food on our tables.”

 “Why do we donate money to the WCFC? Because it is one of the best run nonprofit food providers to the needy in Chester County! The staff is knowledgeable, engaging, and show a deep empathy and compassion for their clients.”

    “Hunger is often invisible – the WCFC serves as a great beacon of help.”

    “I have been associated with several non-profits but I can honestly say that I am totally impressed with the all volunteer organization. All money collected goes to supporting our clients. Not a penny is spent on salaries.

      I am humbled to be a member of this organization which is trying to make a difference one meal and one client at a time.”