COVID-19 Update 2020 March 16

As you can imagine, the COVID-19 virus has created a great amount of uncertainty for the Food Cupboard, just as it has for everyone in our community.

The situation is very fluid and we continue to adapt to these changes. We are in close contact with the Chester County Food Bank, Chester County Health Department, and other resources.

As of now, we plan on staying open to serve clients until further notice.

In order to minimize contact and, therefore, better protect clients and volunteers, we have changed our procedures significantly. The primary change is that clients will not enter the Cupboard and volunteers will prepare shopping carts for them in advance. We recognize that this is not a perfect solution for clients, but we believe it provides much better protection for everyone while meeting a critical need. 

We are definitely seeing more people in need, because of school closings, temporary layoffs, etc. and the fact that other food providers have closed. Because of this increased demand for our services, and a limited supply of several food items, as well as future uncertainty, we are having to make daily adjustments regarding the quantity of food items we are distributing.

Disruptions to our everyday lives are causing hardships for everyone, so, during this time of disruption and uncertainty, let’s make sure each of us is doing whatever we can to help our neighbors deal with these hardships.

We are all in this together. 

Check back for further updates.