SNAP Nationwide Call-In Day, Wednesday, Dec. 4

SNAP Nationwide Call-In Day, Wednesday, Dec. 4
Food cupboards are in place to help people avoid hunger during emergencies, but are now being called on to provide food to people after their unemployment and food stamp (SNAP) benefits run out, usually before the end of the month.
SNAP dollars are spent in communities, contributing to growth and creating jobs; the program also helps prevent deeper poverty and hunger. Yet Congress is considering cutting SNAP by $40 billion (House of Representatives), or $4 billion (Senate).
Today everyone who is concerned about this is encouraged to call members of congress and speak out on behalf of those in need in our community.
 Join advocates across the country for a nationwide call-in day to support and protect SNAP as Congress debates proposals to weaken this vital program.
  1. Call toll-free to 1-888-398-8702 (Special thanks to Feeding America for providing this toll-free number!)
  2. A pre-recorded message will ask you to enter your zip code.  Press 1 to be connected to your Representative.
  3. Let your Representative know you are calling about the Farm Bill and deliver this important message:
    “As a constituent, I urge you to support and protect SNAP in any Farm Bill or other legislative vehicle. Oppose SNAP cuts.”
  4. Call back to repeat the process for your two senators – press “2” to be connected to your first senator and “3” to be connected to the other.